Finance / MI Systems


Identifying the right system architecture for your organisation

Even the smallest companies now depend on valuable finance software, applications that will help manage their business processes efficiently. Inevitably as you grow you need to ensure that you have the necessary architecture to deal with that change. Current software can quickly become obsolete through changing reporting demands, ultimately you lose value through continually addressing data issues (Fixing problems) and system constraints (Having to build and maintian costly offline manual solutions).

Whether it is external factors, business growth or data granularity that is driving the need for new finance applications. A strategic decision needs to be made to ensure that what you do next, keeps your finance function efficient and effective in the delivery of quality information.

You need to evaluate your business model and challenge your current business processes - this will be the foundations of ensuring you enhance your operations and add value to your organisation.

For many, this can be a daunting task, however with careful planning and some professional advice, selecting the right solution for you and your business will reap rewards for many years to come.

Key Questions

JAL Acc Limited works off a key set of principles. We highlight these key questions to ask when making these important investment decisions;

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